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Jenn Hansen


Today I am 25✨ This is the year I have f


Founder of Soul Fusion, Jenn believes in creating a world-class experience in sharing quality education and knowledge in dance, yoga, Thai massage, and Reiki healing.

 The creation of Soul Fusion was inspired to empower and bring  women and men of all athletic abilities together to feel more confident in their physical and mental bodies, find freedom through movement, and motivate others to believe in their vision and goals.

With 17 years of professional dance experience, Jenn has taught in numerous studios, gyms, and private clubs in Idaho, California, Nashville, Hawaii, and Costa Rica.

Jenn believes the practice of movement is a deep connection to one's self- a practice of mindfulness of the body, spirituality, and creating connections to like-minded individuals who raise the frequency and vibration in the world.

Improving your well-being is more than just a fitness decision, it’s a lifestyle commitment!

Through therapeutic movement and mindfulness, Jenn instills her clients with confidence, grace, and laughter to pursue their own paths with positivity and strength, connecting to our deepest sense of purpose.

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