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Soul Fusion


Move Your Body, Liberate Your Soul

Creating a world-class fitness experience, Soul Fusion workshops are structured with the positive reinforcement you need so you can concentrate on getting your body and mind into the state you desire.

Workshops and classes are focused on self-confidence, self-discovery, mindfulness, and movement. Jenn provides clients with an effective workout educating on proper body alignment, posture, movement, and body mechanics, and shares quality education and knowledge in dance, yoga, and leadership skills. Jenn passionately works hard to ensure and achieve the safest, most efficient workouts for your mind and body as possible.

Schedule your private Soul Fusion  or yoga lesson, group class, or workshop with Jenn today!


Free Soul Fusion Class

May 19th, 2019

I am excited to offer a FREE Soul Fusion Dance Fitness Class!!!


This free class will be FILMED for promoting future classes, promos, videos, and all things Soul Fusion.

I am partnering with Ape Movement who will be filming this energetic and super fun dance class!

-This week in classes I will be teaching what will be filmed on Sunday for anyone and everyone who wants to move their body.

Classes are held at Reform Studio in CDA

Tuesday 7pm & Saturday 10am.

Join the Soul Fusion Movement!

WHAT: FREE Soul Fusion Dance Fitness Class

WHEN: Sunday, May 19th at 2pm

WHERE: Reform Studio CDA

Please where the following colors:

Black, White, Purple, or Blue

soul fusion cda.jpg

CDA Power Yoga

Saturday, March 16th
$25 per person
**10% off to members of CDA Power Yoga**

This Soul Fusion Workshop is a 2 hour event with Jenn Hansen. First hour will be focused on group discussion and intention setting, and second hour of dance fitness!

Soul Fusion is custom designed to teach basic dance and body movement while incorporating cardio and strength oriented exercises to funky dance music. Throughout class you will feel more energized, confident, and stronger! Shake what ya' mama gave ya' and get sweaty from head-to-toe! No shoes or dance experience required.

Find freedom through movement, discover self-empowerment, and set your intentions!

Join the Soul Fusion movement!


Kona, Hawaii

2019 TBA

Soul Fusion & Yoga 

Classes & Workshops


Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

Sept. 19th-21st, 2018

9/19- Soul Fusion Video & Photoshoot PRIVATE

9/20-Soul Fusion Video & Photoshoot PRIVATE

9/21- Soul Fusion PRIVATE


Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

October 11th & 12th, 2018

10/11- 2-4PM Soul Fusion Workshop at OM on Cashew Hill OPEN

10/12- 2-4PM Soul Fusion Workshop at OM on Cashew Hill OPEN

Get Excited!! This workshop is a practice of self-confidence. You will challenge your body by stepping out of your comfort zone, connect to your mind, body, and soul, and be inspired and motivated toward your vision and goals. But most importantly, to have FUN!

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