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"I love Soul Fusion!  It is the most fun class I’ve taken in a very long time. Dancing is not my strong suit, but that doesn’t matter. Jenn slowly takes you through the moves so you can learn when the music picks up!  Plus, it’s just so fun to do with your girlfriends. We all leave talking about class until the next one comes around again.  It is totally addicting.

Oh!  And it’s so so so amazing to watch Jenn dance.  I didn’t know a body could move like that – ha!  Definitely 2 thumbs up!"


"Soul Fusion is a dream workout that is just as much for your soul as it is for your body! The music and movement is so fluid and really takes away all your outside care and worries. And Jenn...OMG she is absolutely the most beautiful and talented instructor! LOVE LOVE it all!"


"I'm 60, and have been doing yoga for over 25 years. I've done every variation you can think of, and as you can imagine have had million different teachers. I've practiced in Phoenix, LA, and NYC as well and Jenn is as good as any instructor I've had. I start practicing with her when she got her yoga certification 4 years ago. Her energy has always been amazing, and now her teaching ability has caught up. She's patient, and funny, and has great style. I would go out of my way to take one of her classes, and as an impatient dude that says a lot. I high recommend Jenn."


"I tried Soul Fusion in 2017, and I was nervous at first being the only guy in class. But when Jenn says class is for ANYONE, she totally means it! It was the first dance fitness class I ever took, and it was an AMAZING hour! I loved learning the way my body can move, while having fun AND burning up calories! Soul Fusion is an absolute blast!"


"Jenn's Soul Fusion dance class is SO energizing and the most fun I've had getting my cardio. It's made me feel powerful and I've learned some rock'n dance moves. It's been transformative."


"Soul Fusion is not only one of the best workouts, but also an absolute blast! I have more fun in this class than I do on nights out. It's a great sweat and a great time. I never miss this class!"


"I love Soul Fusion because the music is great and it's a really fun workout, and it does a good job of blending dancing with challenging strength exercises. It makes me feel sexy and strong."


"This is such a great workout for anyone to enjoy. It is literally is a fusion between dance and muscle fitness. As a dancer, I can say that this is a great way to get back into the rhythm, without really needing much experience. Jennifer teaches you to let loose and ignite that fire from within to bring out the best in you. 
I strongly recommend this class if you want to have fun, gain some confidence and learn a new way to get in shape with the movement of your own body."


"I went from dancing like a grandma to actually having moves and most importantly, having so much fun as apart of a workout. Jenn taught me from ground zero, and actually turned me into someone that got compliments when I go out to the bars. Having fun, shaking it, and just being around her positive spirit is so wonderful. Can't say enough good things about her Soul Fusion classes, and about her as a person in general.Her classes are a must."


"Soul Fusion is unlike any class I've ever taken! jenn combines lengthening, stretching, and strength all while shaking your bootie. If you think you'll embarrass yourself, don't worry! You realize very quickly that everyone is only looking at themselves and you can carry on "dancing like no one is watching."


"I have taken many different fitness classes over the past several years, and Jenn's Soul Fusion class definitely stands out. The class is a great workout that you'll feel over the next couple days following- in your core, legs, arms, shoulders, and glutes. Each class is a fun experience that I look forward to during my work day, and definitely miss when I can't make. Jenn is an instructor that works hard to engage participants through creative choreography and never-waning enthusiasm. I have developed more lean muscle mass, endurance and strength through attending her class. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great workout that is challenging and fun at the same time!"


"When I first started Soul Fusion the dance moves were difficult for my age, but at the end of class I had sweated more than you can imagine!! In the beginning, sweating was the only reason I kept going. Now that I have continued to take classes, I can't go without them. I feel stronger, a little more confident in moving my hips like we do in class. Very happy I continued! Jenn is amazing and I truly love her class."


"Jenn's classes magically blend working every part of your body with dance and fun. I look forward to going every time and even my daughter is addicted. There really are no classes quite like Jenn's, actually there is no one like Jenn!"


"I love Soul Fusion! I met Jenn four years ago at Gozzer Ranch and I get so excited for her classes every summer. She is an amazing teacher who really knows how to get the class moving and feeling sexy! Soul Fusion is definitely my favorite workout of all time."


"Everyone should be so lucky to have Jenn in their life, especially the fitness and wellness aspect. If you are fortunate to have access to the places she teaches, you are one blessed cookie. Soul Fusion is a clever blend of fitness and fun, and she serves it up with a big dose of her contagious energy. If you're like me, two left feet, octopus arms, and feeling self-conscious, she will transform you into feeling like a rockstar in less than ten minutes. Class is a sweaty mess but we feel pumped and cartwheel and air flip to our cars after class. Soul Fusion is suitable for for all ages and body types. So thankful for Jenn bringing it to my life."


"Jenn’s Soul Fusion class is one of a kind. It’s so fun and before you know it, you’re drenched in sweat. I love the moves and how she empowers me to just go with the music and feel sexy, forgetting any insecurities."


"Attending Jenn’s Soul Fusion dance class was something I looked forward to every week! They say that dancing is the hidden language of the soul and being in her class really helped me express that. I was so sad when I heard that she would be moving away but was very happy for her! I haven’t found anything that could take the place of her class, nor do I think I will anytime soon or anywhere close by.  I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone- from the beginner wanting to find a fun way to work out, to someone who loves dance and enjoys expressing themselves through movement.  You will definitely get so much more out of it than you had originally intended."


"Soul Fusion is amazing! A fun, energetic, and heart pumping class! Jenn is awesome and a motivator! Great class!!"


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